Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Research for possible components

flexible numeric keypads

Other Hug Products
But it is weird that the person hugs herself.

Sensors & Bear

Mounting Sensors on Bear

Here is the Design I have thought of to mount the sensors on the bear's body in stead of putting them inside. The bare's jacket can be made of plastic to protect water, moisture and other environmental disturbances.

by this way, the shape and features of the toy can be more flexible and it only requires to wear the touch sensor jacket to sence and transfer the hug.

This is the sensor map to place on the toy's jacket. Depending on the size of the toy, the unit of sensors can be increased or decreased.
For this example bear, the sensors can be added as: 4 on front, 4 on back, 2 for each sides and 2 for each arm.
The wires from the sensors can be attached to the circuit from the back side of the jacket and the circuit box may be embedded inside the toy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meeting on Oct 2, Thursday

It is required to come up with Demo Prototpye for communication,
with scientific evidence to support the result product.

1. Match Level of touch with sensors and air accuators
2. Check software to match in-out forces.

The serial data sent from bluetooth will reach to computer to read the input.
There will be sensors, bluetooth interface and sending signals to accuators.
(Try to get matching done by this week.)

for output part,
1. How to turn it into whole jacket
2. Hug Research
3. Practical consideration? type of jacket, material, layears, etc.

Next meeting on Wednesday 3~4 pm.