Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Program for Demos

A new program is written to simplify the data transfar between the input device and the output circuit.

Initially, the data read from the doll (Bluetooth Dongle) was sent to the other computer to simulate haptic communication.
Now, the requirement of another execution in between two devices is eliminated.

As from the Bluetooth Doll of input side, the pressure Level from 0 to 255 (lowest to highest) is sent from the readings of 12 sensors. The data sent from the bluetooth doll is continuous with the format of [XS---S---S---S---S---S---S---S---S---S---S---S---], where --- are the applied pressure values onto the doll.
The computer which captures the bluetooth data will execute the data and differentiate the pressure values into 10 levels (0 to 9) and add into the command package.

The simple command package [X: Pressure Value: Y: Pressure Value: Z] is sent from the input part to the output device directly.

Figure : FlowChart of Updated Program

My teammate, Ben, has also reprogrammed the Output Device to act as stand alone except reading the commands from the Serial Com port of the computer.