Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ideas on using BioMetal

Biometal can contract into curvier shape when current is fed through it.
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The following is the design of First Level: Using biometal to contract the cloth tube.

As in the following picture, the biometal thread can be put inside the tube-shaped fabric and feed the current through the metal to transform the metal into more curving shapes.

Figure 1 : Level 1 Design

The following is the design of Second Level: Using other material as medium

In this application, the biometal wire is used to pull the rods (made of some heat resistance material such as clay or ceramic) together to apply squeezing force on shoulders.
When current is fed trhough the bioMetal wire, it will pull the rods together and the shoulder pad will become more convex from resting positon.

Figure 2 : Level 2 Design

These can be put on the shoulders (and on other parts as well) of the huggy pajama.

Figure 3 : On the Clothing

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