Monday, August 25, 2008


When James was away, Cherith helped us to reassemble the input kit for User Test.

According to the diagram, we connected the modules, and tested.
Inside the input acceptor box, there are 4 parts, power supply, pressure sensor, circuit, controller circuit and RS232 connectors.

Each RS232 head is conncted to Log computer and Presentation Computer.
Log monitors the input value from the pressure sensor.
Presentation PC reads the signal sent from the input side and gives commands to the output arm-band to inflate or deflate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Project Pajama EE3789

Proposal Code 3789
Title Affective and emotional communication toolkit
Synopsis Communication is one of the most fundamental needs and desire of human beings. The
convergence of the Internet, broadband and mobile devices make remote communication
easily available, even while on the move. In human communications, body gestures, and
touch can sometimes more deeply explain the intended mind and provide intrinsic
information. Our research seeks to propose and develop communication methods that allow
for affective, emotional and individual expressions.
In this project, students will develop a simple toolkit that allows users to easily make their
own affective communication interface. This communication interface should work in a "plug
and play" manner with existing mobile devices. Students are to demonstrate with a few types
simple, self-made interface using this toolkit to communicate between two people.
Skills required: Embedded systems, hardware programming, C++ or Java
Nature Innovative
Pre-requisite Embedded systems, hardware programming, C++ or Java