Saturday, December 13, 2008

CA2 Summery

1. Simplified the user interface programs (VC++)
2. Redesigned QTC sensors (Hardware)
3. Designing the Pajama (2 methods)

Slides Summery . ..

CA2 Slide

Designing Inflatable Suit (In Progress)
Design 1:
In the Existing Jacket with stretchable pockets to embed the air pouches, the stretchable pockets are changed to

Design 2:
Contact Company: Choya Toys Company (China)
The Design Progress is in progress. The Drawing Design will be sent to the company to fabricate a suit for the Huggy Project.
Since this company has done various designs of inflatable suits, even for the 2008 Olympics, and Local Balloon Companies are unable to make such inflatable, we have concluded to order form this company.

This is some of the example suits that they have made.